Fall 2007

Video Montage – Eric Bozarth
The Dead Among Us (pdf) – The Index 11/15/2007

Spring 2008

KTRM – Jackie Gonzalez

Fall 2008

Humans vs. Zombies Advertisement – Bloody Leg The Pirate
Humans Versus Zombies: It all comes down to socks and a nerf gun
– The Kirksville Socialite 10/07/08
Truman HvZ Day One results – The Kirksville Socialite 10/23/2008
Truman HvZ Day Three Results: the future of Trumanity isn’t looking great – The Kirksville Socialite 10/24/2008
Truman HvZ Day Five: And then there were 39 – The Kirksville Socialite 10/27/2008
And then there were none: Truman HvZ comes to an end – The Kirksville Socialite 10/27/2008
All Eyes on Drew Clark (pdf) – The Index 10/30/2008
Humans vs. Zombies provides opportunity for harmless fun (pdf) – The Index 10/30/2008

Spring 2009

Humans vs Zombies (pdf) – The Index 04/09/2009
Class Documentary – Nathan Klessig

Fall 2009

The Truman Signal
Trailer – Justin Crouch

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