Welcome Hunters!

Welcome Hunters!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Rainbow Basin Hunting Park! Come test your marksmanship and prowess against the fierce wild animals that inhabit our grounds. To accept your invitation to our grand opening event, please make sure to register at our site.

Remember to have your weapons checked by our resident Park Ranger: Red Thatcher. To make this process easier, please look at our weapon requirements before arriving at our facility. We also have a number of other rules to maintain the safety of our guests and staff, as well as to keep the park in pristine shape! Please review these rules as well.

We here at Rainbow Basin are extremely excited that you have considered coming to our grand opening, and we are eager for you to come. And remember, it is our mission to develop and maintain quality parks and facilities and to preserve the natural balance between our hunters and nature. Enjoy, and remember to have fun.

Simon Fyre













Welcome letter (pdf)