I. The first four rules of HvZ

  1. Don’t be stupid
  2. Don’t get it banned
  3. Have fun
  4. Don’t be a dick


II. Human Rules

  1. What you need to play as a human
    1. A bandana, worn around your arm. This must be visible whenever you are playing.
    2. Your ID card for HvZ, to be given to the zombie who kills you.
    3. Your arsenal: this includes Nerf style blasters or rolled up [clean] socks.

a.     Do not include the following: melee toys, air soft guns, actual weapons, musical instruments, food, animals, etc.

  1. What you do as a human
    1. The game is played at all times during the days the game is on- you are in play 24/7. Therefore, you do all of the things you would normally do, in addition to avoiding zombies.
    2. You fight zombies: if you hit a zombie with a dart from a blaster or a thrown sock, the zombie is stunned for 15 minutes. If a zombie tags you, you die.
    3. Attend missions: mission times and locations will be announced through email the day of the mission.


III. Kill Rules

  1. What do you do if you’ve been tagged
    1. Give the zombie who tagged you your ID card so they can log you as a kill.
    2. Turn your armband into a headband and wear it around your neck.
    3. An hour after you were tagged, check the website: if you’ve been logged as a kill, you can go play as a zombie.

a.     If, three hours after you were tagged, you still haven’t been changed, contact a moderator: you will remain human.

  1. What do you do if you’ve tagged someone
    1. You can get up to two tags at a time- you must collect those two ID cards before moving on.
    2. Go to a computer and log into Truman’s HvZ Source page.
    3. Follow the instructions to log a kill. Choose two zombies to feed along with yourself.

a.     You have three hours to record your kill, otherwise the tagged player will remain human.

b.     If you know you won’t be able to log the kill within three hours, contact a moderator: they can input the kill for you.

  1. Disputes over a tag
    1. Consult nearby players to see who got who first (stun or tag).
    2. Flip a coin- if you cannot decide whether or not the zombie was stunned before it made the kill, just flip a coin.
    3. Contact a moderator- if it is a rule dispute, moderators can help.


IV. Zombie Rules

  1. What you need to play as a zombie
    1. A bandana, worn around the head when active (as a head band, not as a scarf or anything) or around the neck when stunned.
  2. What you do as a zombie
    1. Again, game is played 24/7. You go about your normal life, and in your spare time you hunt humans.
    2. You kill humans. You can get two kills at a time, once you’ve collected the ID cards you can move on. You don’t have to enter the kills immediately, but you should do it as soon as possible so that they can go play as a zombie.
    3. Feed- every kill will feed three zombies: the one who enters the kill and two others. The website will organize all the zombies by who is closest to starving, so you can feed those who need it most, or your friends, etc. You must feed at least once every 48 hours or you starve and are out of the game.
  3. Original Zombies
    1. Original zombies exist only on Day 1, and are randomly selected by the moderators

a.     If you’d like to be in the pool to be an original zombie, check the box when you register.

  1. OZ’s dress as humans but kill people like zombies. They are the original carriers of the virus- they just don’t look like zombies yet.
  2. If you suspect a human of being the OZ (someone who is supposedly a human seems to be stalking you, chasing you, etc.), you can stun them.

a.     OZ’s don’t have to change their bandanas if they’re stunned, but they do need to respect the stun and not tag people.


V. Everyday Rules

  1. When you are playing: Exceptions to the 24/7 rule
    1. University sponsored events
    2. While settling a dispute- free walk to the nearest building
    3. While in uniform for another organization
    4. Special requests/common sense (carrying an art final, etc.)
  2. Where you are playing
    1. Door rules

a.     When you grab a door, you have 5 seconds of safety to get inside- this applies to buildings, vehicles, etc.

b.     When you exit a door, you get 5 seconds or 5 feet of safety, whichever ends first.

c.     You can touch a zombie with a sock when you are both inside and within 5 feet of a door. This causes a 1 minute stun, allowing you to safely leave in case there is a zombie near a door.

d.     If you stun a zombie that is outside while you are in a safe zone it is a one minute stun.


f.     You are safe while swiping into perimeter access- tag the door first, then you are safe to get your card and get inside. This assumes that you need to swipe in.

  1. Vehicle rules

a.     Do not use vehicles for HvZ purposes. If at all possible, do not use vehicles during the game at all, but you are allowed to if you need to.

  1. On Campus Buildings


b.     Blasters may not be visible while indoors. When you walk inside, put the blaster in your backpack.

c.     Do not block doorways.

  1. Zombies, do not “trap” doors; do not wait inside doors and spring out of them when humans approach.

d.     Zombies, do not stalk humans inside buildings- do not follow them through, do not listen to their plans. If you are in a building and you see a human leave, you may give chase, but do not stalk humans through buildings.

  1. The Website
    1. Registration

a.     Done on our website on HvZ Source.

b.     Will require a valid email address that you should check frequently during the game.

  1. Upload a picture, so that other players (and moderators) can identify you.
  2. Make your ID card.

a.     Put down your ID number, your name, and if you’re comfortable your email. Write legibly.


  1. General Use: the website lists who is on what side, you can see when zombies last fed, how many kills they have, etc.
  2. Waivers
    1. If you want to play, you must sign a waiver.
    2. If you have not signed a waiver but you are signed up to play, the moderators will contact you and list you as deceased until you sign. If, after being contacted, you continue to play without signing, you will be removed from the game.


VI. Missions

  1. Objectives
    1. Missions are large scale, objective based battles between Humans and Zombies.
    2. Typical missions include defending nodes, escorting people, finding objects, destroying points, solving puzzles, etc.
  2. Notification
    1. Around midday, you will receive an email telling you when you are to meet.
    2. An hour before the mission, you will receive an email telling you where you are to meet.


VII. Arsenal

  1. Legal items
    1. Nerf style blasters, socks (clean, rolled up, no more than two rolled together, nothing inside them)
    2. Melee toys, air soft guns, actual weapons, blow guns, etc., are all NOT legal for this game.
  2. Modified blasters
    1. If you modify your blasters, you need to see a “Mod God,” who will decide if it is safe to use for the game.
    2. If you paint your blaster, it may not be black, silver, brown, etc. The blaster must be immediately recognizable as a toy.


  1. Types of blasters
    1. Light blasters- anything that has a clip of ten or fewer darts, and requires you to cock the blaster between each shot.
    2. Heavy blasters- anything that has a clip over ten darts, or has semi-automatic or fully automatic capabilities.

a.     Heavy blasters will be unlocked with a special mission part of the way through the game.

b.     Throwing two or more socks with one hand constitutes a “heavy,” and is not legal until heavies have been unlocked.