Blaster Rules

Blaster Rules:

1.) They are blasters, not guns. Please do not refer to them as such (administration’s perception of the game).
2.) Blasters may have black and silver accents, but they cannot be primary colors. If the blaster is ever to be holstered, the visible parts much not be silver or black (administration’s perception of the game).
3.) Air Restrictor Removal and plugging air release holes are acceptable mods. Any others, performance and cosmetic, must be checked by a mod before use, no exceptions (safety concern).
4.) Blasters, as a general rule, must not consistently shoot over 70 feet, level to ground (safety concern).
5.) Blowguns are not allowed due to safety concerns (safety concern).
6.) Taped and velcroed socks are allowed. Socks must be soft enough as to not leave welts when thrown at full force from a close distance (safety concern).
7.) Modified darts and stefans are allowed, as long as they have soft tips. Any such darts must first be mod-approved before use (safety concern).

Heavy vs Light Blasters:

Heavies will not be available from the beginning; they will instead be unlocked later in the game. Heavies are defined as:

1.) Throwing more than one sock at a time (multiple socks can be held at once, but only one can leave the hand at a time);
2.) A blaster that has an ammo capacity of more than 10 darts, and/or
3.) A blaster that shoots more than one dart per pull of the trigger.
3.1.) The Nerf Barrel Break and the BuzzBee Doubleshot are exceptions, due to their incredibly low ammo capacity. Both are considered light weapons.

Note that, under this ruleset, Raiders with drums are heavies, but while using only 6 shot magazines, they are light.